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Too much to talk about. And that's the problem.

Too much to talk about, and that’s the problem.

Over this past week I have been racking my brain as to what my next post was going to be about; not for lack of material, but because of the abundance: the Kavanaugh hearings, the misogyny associated with that; Kanye’s highly uneducated 13th amendment tweet, the unwarranted glorification of celebrity with that; Hispanic Heritage month, the fact that there are still caged children on the border, and much more. It’s a lot, and that is the exact problem. When you begin to see the social injustices of the world and dig a little deeper, all of them begin to reveal themselves to you. It’s like you become a magnet of misery, unable to resist the pull to it, and your empathy makes the pull even stronger. You want to pull away, but you care too much to look away. And that is the dilemma I have right now.

As an advocate for social justice, some people tap me on the shoulder to have me weigh in on a debate or help clarify something. These people know that I care about the state of affairs and that I am also not shy about giving my opinion. What can be frustrating is when you don't weigh in on a particular subject, and someone calls you out for it. It's not that I don't care about the matter, it's the fact that I was focusing my energy on another equally important matter. This is what I explained to a friend who said that he wasn’t sure why BLM had not gone in to help Black people affected by hurricane Harvey. I had to tell them that wasn’t BLM’s focus; BLM is focusing on the disproportionate amount of Black people dying by the hands of police officers, not first responders to a natural disaster. Once I told him this, he saw BLM completely differently and understood why they were not at every event where Black people were suffering. If you spread your resources too thin, you are not effective in any area. And that is the same with what topic I decide to weigh in on. Unfortunately, there are too many things that need fixing to focus on. And sadly, often once you focus on the topic of the day, the current administration uses sleight of hand to try and pass


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