• Priscilla Domínguez

Figuring out this writing thing

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

For the past decade of my life, I have dedicated my career to graphic design. Since I was five-years-old, I wanted to be in the arts. I did not know then the various ways to be an artist, but I found my calling in graphic design in high school, and I have been a designer since . Two years ago I came to a crossroads; I had a strong desire to pursue my interest in social justice, and I wanted to get a master's degree. That puzzle was answered with the MA/MFA in English in creative writing, literature and social justice at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. I took a leap of faith and applied. I am halfway through the program, and again I find myself asking, what else can I do? And so here is my answer to that. I started this blog. I started this as a challenge to myself to write more and hone a craft that I have desperately fallen in love with. And to also have somewhere where I can practice why I wanted to get an English in the first place; voice my concerns about today’s. I am here to take up space because it’s needed, and I am willing to help fill it.

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