• Priscilla Domínguez

Dockless scooters in San Antonio; I see why Los Angeles might ban them.

I am not one for knocking any type of initiative for getting people more active in their city. San Antonio has embraced other initiatives like B-Cycle (now Swell) and hosts Siclovía in hopes of getting people either walking, roll-blading or cycling themselves around to feel more comfortable getting around with their physical bodies than just relying on a car. I love these ideas, they are great. But, I quickly saw why San Francisco banned these for a while, and now Los Angeles is considering doing the same thing. The debate over these comes down to the same argument: people are leaving the scooters haphazardly on sidewalks and the streets. I find this a valid complaint, not just because of people walking sidewalks, but because they are obstructing paths for people with limited mobility. It is easy for an able-bodied person to walk around or move these scooters out of the way, but what about the elderly who may not be strong or agile enough to move them, or for people in wheelchairs who would have a much more difficult time moving the scooter out of the way. I don't mind that San Antonio is encouraging this new and convenient mode of transportation, but some thought needs to be put into how we don't obstruct and impede areas for those of limited mobility. Be courteous of these folks until San Antonio can figure out how to fully implement these scooters as it did with bicycle dock stations.

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