My Story

Priscilla Domínguez is originally from El  Paso, Texas, but has called San Antonio home for more than a decade.  Her first passion was visual art and works professionally as a graphic designer. In her late 20s, she fell in love with writing and now holds her MA in English in literature, creative writing and social justice from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. She is the director of creative nonfiction for Write Art Out (a local nonprofit focused on spreading literacy), and co-founder, design, and managing editor for the Journal of Latina Critical Feminism. For an updated list of where she has been published, visit her published works page.


Below are additional projects that I am currently working with, and also a listing of where I have been published. 

"I am not here to be nice, to be polite,
to be pretty, or to be quiet."

From "Dear Men" ~Priscilla Domínguez